Android 11 products will be forced to have seamless updates per Google’s request

As experts claim, VTS of Google has introduced a change. It appears that the gadgets released with Android 11 need to work on seamless updates. The latest is possible due to system partitions that a device, like a phone, has. Google apps will only be available for the devices supporting this function and the VTS test should be passed to check it. It leads to the conclusion that Android 11 upcoming releases are going to support seamless system updates.

The partition-based systems are no novelty in the tech world. They have been used since 2016. The benefits brought with this invention were immense. Besides performing the major updates, installments on the phone while still using it, it guarantees the security in another aspect. It means that the system has a backup engine that will power up the device in case one system crashes. No doubt it is convenient and secure since the update is happening at the right moment. Unlike when it is done by the user potentially in the wrong timing.

The benefits of the partitions are countless and acknowledged by HTC, Google, Sony, and many others. However, Samsung has still been postponing the update even for the devices of flagship lines. The feature that exists for four years already, is still not supported by Galaxy S20.


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