Android devices supporting Google 3D animals

Google has been working on the unique experience of seeing life-sized representatives of fauna. Pandas, cheetahs, tigers are now available from the comfort of your couch. Not only viewing the animals is possible, but taking pictures of them as well.

Android is not standing on the side and introduces this function in a wide range of models. Currently, the animal view is possible with Google search. The picture us presented on the white background. The user can take pictures, zoom in and move the animal. In addition, the animal will be presented as realistically as it is possible, with the sounds. However, what makes this function really impressive and unique is that the animals can be placed within your space. Basically, you can have a panda eating bamboo, sitting next to you at the table. Android devices supporting Google 3D animals

What makes it possible?

For sure not every phone will have the capability and specific hardware should be provided. Supporting this exciting function requires the phone to have certain characteristics. First of all, it needs to be compatible with AR Core that Google provides. The real-time calculations running requires a strong CPU. So, the camera and sensor of motion will be tested as well.

The option to view animals in your space is currently available on a number of Android phones. To make sure that the option is available for your Android, find out if your phone has Google Play Services for AR. Also, check if the version of the app is up-to-date.

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