Android to release an Airdrop resembling feature for Chromebooks

The news has been in the air for quite a while but now seems to be coming to reality. Android’s feature Nearby Sharing is getting out for the average user advantage.

The tests have been conducted on Android, but the final decision is up to Google. It is still under the review and the official announcement has not been out yet. Meanwhile, what is known that the feature is been placed into Android 11, hence it is almost finished. The Android 11 release is planned for 2020 taking things to go as planned.

How does the feature work?

The feature is attracting attention because it promises to be a breakthrough. It will add points in the Apple & Android competition. The function resembles Airdrop and is supposed to outweigh it in benefits. Using Bluetooth, the features will find the devices near the user and allow them to exchange or share files through WIFI. It should be a revolutionary speed change, especially if we talk about the larger size of files.

The mystery is still in how everything is going to work on Chromebooks. One of the suggestions is that Chrome OS will work on the solutions. Files exchange between laptops and smartphones is not a rare thing to happen. It is a commonly used function and it is high time to put USB cables to rest.  The team will have to add the feature to Chrome OS and the first signs of it happening has been traced already.

If the feature is to be released it will most probably go hand in hand with the Android 11 timings. An educated guess is that Google will issue a new Chromebook and as a surprise, it will have a function to share files wirelessly. However, these are not more than guesses for now.

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