Android TV owners experience issues with casting notifications

Android TV platform runs on more than Android devices. It was modified by Google to match dozens of devices. It has a Google Assistant built-in and was first launched in 2014.

Unnecessary Notifications

The native app of Android TV is believed to give the best experience, but many devices can operate as a Chromecast. Lately, the users started facing an issue. The phone notifications were alerting the casting while the native app was used.

If the phone shares the network with an Android TV device, the notification about the device casting will be received by phone. On the positive, the phone has controls over media directly. However, some users got upset by the unnecessary notifications they received.

Currently, the common thing between all reported issues is the Nvidia platform, although other devices are mentioned as well. The list of Android apps that suffered the same issue is quite extended and includes Netflix, YouTube, and Disney.

The situation is being investigated and Android representatives admitted that these notifications were not planned. They are sorting it out at the moment. As a temporary solution, it is possible to turn off casting notification. Bear in mind though, that all cast notifications will be off, including Nest Home gadgets and Chromecast.

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