Android users in India to get restricted on YouTube streaming to 480p

With the spread of the notorious Covid-19, many industries shut down and experience great losses. So far, the IT industries were not expecting any troubles in the paradise of the online world. The preconditions for failures are set by the restrictions that many countries implement in relation to everyday activities people practice. Nowadays, we see everyone on the lockdown and it means everyone is online. While the real world is shutting down, the online world is experiencing some overloads.

YouTube made a decision to implement some limitations for the users as well. It is a quite sudden and shocking decision. So, what is this restriction about? The resolution for the videos is going to be set to 480p in India for everyone who is using YouTube on Android devices. A point to take into account though is that this does not apply to the desktops yet. It will be the same for mobile data and fast networks. In addition, the users who purchased the Premium account will not be an exception.

What’s next?

The fear is that these rules will be enriched with more restrictions and will spread geographically. It seems like coronavirus is going to turn upside down every sphere of our lives. For the time being, the users in India will have to deal with lower resolution videos but hopefully, the restrictions will be a temporary solution. Everyone’s beloved video streaming platform and Google are still to publish their official comments on this update.

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