Apple Purchasing Dark Sky destroys Android Api and Weather App

The rivalry and at times hate between Android and iOS users have lasted for ages. Numerous reasons contributed to such a state of events. Recently, Android users got deprived of one more vital and beloved app. Dark Sky was one of the features that gave Android benefits over Apple. In a recent post on their blog, Dark Sky informed that as of July 2020, it allies forced with Apple. For Android users, it means the end of an era. The API access is denied and they might start looking for a new app instantly.

Terminating cooperation with Android

The price of the deal has not been announced yet. Apple though has all reasons to pay a lot for the Dark Sky app. Those who used the iPhone weather app know that it is very basic and boring. Dark Sky, on the other side, has been in the center of attention of many users and gained an impeccable reputation. Hence, these are good news for Apple users.

As for Android users, they have a limited number of days before the app stops working on their phones and watches. They cannot download the app anymore, and the current users are enjoying it till the 1 st of July of this year. In case the users got the subscription, it will be refunded if needed.

Third-party users

To add insult to the injury, Dark Sky stated that in the future it will join Apple privacy policies. It means that no other third- party user will be able to get access. The way it currently works will last until 2021. They will no longer accept any new signups. The same applies to the maps and forecasts on the website of Dark Sky. It will work till the 1st of July 2020 and will continue the work but focusing on Apple’s customers.

Dark Sky comments on the situation

The fact that these drastic decisions left many users unsatisfied is obvious. In their comments, Dark Sky claims that for the future of the app, cooperation with Apple is the best option. Meanwhile, experts predict that the weather app will be integrated into Apple to become its native app.

The reasons for Apple’s acquisition of the app are clear. What remains a mystery is why Apple decided to deny access to the app to all the third- party users and all Android users. The last mentioned are much more numerous than iOS users.

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