Dolby to release an Android App for better music-making outside the studio

It is now official that Dolby is cooperating with Android to present a new app. Producing music outside the studio environment is now becoming available in better quality with Dolby On. The app will enable users to create sounds without using any specialist equipment that is usually used in professional studios. All you need wit Dolby is the phone.

Dolby On features

The app will be operating as a video and audio recording device. Its uniqueness is in the special mixture that improves the sound. Dolby On is going to deal with the background noises, apply equalizer, clean the sound to improve it as much as possible. It looks for the aspects that the sound you are recording has and enhances them.

The app is supposed to serve as a tool in your device that replaces the whole studio. Without the help of professional studio devices like mixers, microphones it will create a clear, sound with optimized volume, and no background noises like a fan. Besides, the company says the camera and audio rate discrepancy will be fixed by the app as well.

To use the app, you need to select the mode (video or audio). As the recording is done, the sound style can be applied. The options are to put vocals forward, amplify, or add bass. Besides, noise control is done by regulating basses, tones, mids, etc. As the file is done, you can send it to email, post it to Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud. With Facebook, the app has an option to go live. It is not available for Android yet.

Currently, the app is on iOS. Concurrently with the launch on Android, the function to go live with Twitch will be added. Dolby On can be installed from Google Play and AppStore. The company describes the app as a tool for anyone seeking a good sound. It is not necessarily aiming at professional musicians. The features and functionality of the app make it easily accessible for amateurs.

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