Farming Simulator 2019

Most gamers know very well what farm simulators on Android are. But Farming Simulator 2019 can impress both avid farmers and those who have never played such games before. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, we recommend you to download Farming Simulator 2019 on Android from the official Google Play store. img 5e8531c2ba801 - Farming Simulator 2019

Game description

At the very beginning of your journey, you may find the gameplay too boring. It’s no surprise, as the player is invited to fight with weeds and take care of the area. But before you know it, the Farming Simulator 2019 is a very cool farm. Here you can develop your plot within the map, trade with different shops and grow a lot of different crops.

There are three levels of difficulty in the game. If you select a New Farmer, you will get a small plot as well as special equipment. Money, of course, at the start will be very little. This mode is suitable for players who are just beginning to get acquainted with the farmer simulations. And to make the learning process even faster, use hints.

If you choose the Farm Manager mode, at the very beginning you will have quite an impressive amount of money, but will not have access to tasks. Besides, you will not have the necessary equipment or even a site. You’ll have to do everything yourself. This mode is suitable for those who have already played Farming Simulator 2019, and now want to try themselves in more severe conditions.

Well, if you decide that you are ready for the mode Start from scratch, you will have to feel all the hardships of agriculture. You’ll be given a very small amount of money, so you’ll have to save on everything. This is the mode that most of all conveys the real life of farmers.


Download Farming Simulator 2019 for free on Android


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