Google changes the design of Assistant settings and launches testing

In winter Google launched the redesign process of Assistant setting with the aim to simplify the management of the device. The tests are being currently conducted.

The new settings should have a similar interface to Andoird 10 and will be available through Home Client as well as Google app. The options that the Assistant offered were previously displayed in four groups. Currently, it has been changed to one list. There are still five sections highlighted Routines, Basic Information, Languages, Voice Match and Music. Besides, You and Devices are presented in cards. Google changes the design of Assistant settings and launches testing

It should be added that the device management with the new Assistant seems to be refurbished. Imagery has been added to Devices sections. The list of items currently contains unknown ones which tell that some novel stuff is going to be incorporated. The previous commands are still there, but they are distributed to separate menus. It might be the case that they will return later on. 

View More option was added. It gives all the settings available. Some settings have new features added or shifted from other menus. It applies to Phone settings and Personal results in particular. The beta program that Google rolled out recently contains the new Assistant update and some devices have been upgraded. However, it has not happened widely. 


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