Google Chrome is planning to integrate with Android “foldables’

Android has introduced devices with multiple displays like Galaxy Z Flip and LG V60 some time ago. It now looks like the device with two displays will be upgraded to support from Google Chrome.

The benefit that devices with multiple displays brought to our lives is the simplicity of performing concurrent tasks. The function to open a couple of windows and tabs in Google Chrome serves now as inevitable. It is easy for the desktop though.

Recreating the same with the Android phone requires a lot of creativity. As a solution, Android introduced the two display devices and gave room for the upgrades.

It was said that cooperation on this issue started back in 2018. The data from Gerrit shows that Chrome has been tested on dual-display devices. The device used for the preparations was ZTE Axon M.

Judging from the code analysis, the user will be able to have two Chrome windows opened and more tabs between them. Assuming the second display needs to be switched off, the tab can be moved to the second display.

Chrome’s tradition is to put a flag to every new update, this one has not been an exception. However, the latest news connected with the pandemic might influence the timings dramatically. Google announced that a new Microsoft device is about to be released and their support for Android & Chrome cooperation is expected. So far it has not happened.


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