Google fights Covid- 19 misinformation by pulling out the Android App for Infowars

The website promoting fake news created by an American host Alex Jones has a huge audience all over the world. The show is notorious for being accused in many publishing unlawful and misleading stories. It covers a wide range of topics and attracts the attention of many people. Hence, all the technology industry leaders keep an eye on this resource. The damaged reputation though left the source without the Internet platform. Google was the last to cooperate, however, it ended in a blink of the eye after certain events happened.

Previously, Apple announced its reluctance to cooperate with Infowars. The reason was inappropriate content. Twitter and Spotify followed Apple’s example. It looked like the media industry giants want nothing to do with Alex Jones.

What caused the implementation of such drastic measures?

Millions of people have lost their sleep over the vicious virus. At the moment, the world is not ready to hear the jokes and accept any misinformation about it since human lives are at stake. Infowars in the latest episodes announced that the virus is another conspiracy and fake news. The time will show who was right. Currently, no company is ready to accept the responsibility for that statement.

Reaction to Google’s actions

The source founder Mr. Jones is being dedicated to his intentions and ideas. Despite the resistance, he still fights for his belief. He claims that assuming his views are wrong, they have the right to exist in the democratic world. The platforms refer to their policies and point out that violation of any policy is punishable. This is the rule applied to every case.

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