Google Fit rolls out a new redesign for iOS and Android

Google Fit is working towards enhancing user experience. Just in 2018, the features Heart Points along with Move Minutes were added. Now, the redesign of health metrics is coming up again. The major change will be in focusing on counting steps. The inspiration for this particular upgrade was taken from recent trends.

First of all, for a better view, Google Fit is changing the text and visuals. Of all the features, Move Minutes witnessed most modifications. The Move Minutes app is still preserving the previous features, however, the focus will be on step counting. As the creators say, tracking the distances in steps has become a trend recently. The users consider step count as one of the vital functions of Google Fit. Hence, integrating Heart Points and Move Minutes, and making them work towards the step count is the right decision.

To improve the quality of the apps, the instructions provided by WHO has been taken into account. There will also be a goal to set and the circle that signals when the user is close to achieving it. Another update touched Wear OS. From now on, the users can start a workout and track their progress. The redesigned Google Fit is now open for iOS and on the way to Wear OS as well as Android.


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