Google improves game performance on Android smartphones

Google has introduced the Android GPU Inspector tool, which will make it easier to create and optimize games for Android smartphones. The search giant plans to distribute it to developers, giving them the opportunity to track detailed information about how the game is processed on a particular device, analyzing drop in framerate, power surges, and many other indicators. As a result, it will make it much easier to launch and process games on even the most inexpensive smartphones.

Android games will work better thanks to improved optimization
Android games will work better thanks to improved optimization


How to use games on Android

Google developed the Android GPU Inspector together with Qualcomm experts. They plan to make this tool universal, allowing developers to test and debug games for smartphones, regardless of their manufacturer. However, currently, Android GPU Inspector supports only the new Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL, where it has proven to work quite effectively, providing a reduction in resource consumption while maintaining performance in some games.

Distribute drivers for the graphics of Android-smartphones will be possible through Google Play
Distribute drivers for the graphics of Android-smartphones will be possible through Google Play

Google’s specialists, while in the process of debugging using the Android GPU Inspector, managed to build an optimization plan for an unnamed game, which led to a 40% reduction in resource consumption. The game could have run consistently on the device, even if it was performing at almost half its capacity. This would open the way for developers to enter the world of inexpensive smartphones, which usually suffer from either FPS performance or graphics quality. After all, optimizing games will interest more users who will bring developers more money.


Games on the phone are slow. What do I do?

Achieving best results in the optimization process will require action, not only from developers who have to adapt games for specific uses, but also from smartphone manufacturers. Android GPU Inspector will be able to identify flaws in graphic firmware, which can only be recognized during testing with a particular game, and then vendors will have to correct problems. Google has developed the ability to distribute graphic drivers through Google Play to ensure maximum coverage, including smartphones that are no longer supported.

Expansion of device range supported by the Android GPU Inspector tool is planned to start in the very near future. First in line is the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. It’s not clear whether this means the whole range or only two specific models, but since they have the same hardware, if you don’t take into account different amounts of RAM, it’s likely that all devices of each model range will be supported. It’s unusual that Google chose last year’s smartphones to test this on rather than the latest ones, but this can be explained by the fact that Android GPU Inspector has been developed for a long time and the search giant chose the S10 and Note 10 because the S20 had not yet been released.

Optimization is a real Android problem. Despite high-performance, it seems most games for Android are made literally on the fly, for example, Fortnite. This game supports 60 FPS on all iOS flagship smartphones launched in 2018, but Android devices can be counted on one hand. This is because manufacturers agreed with Epic Games on exclusive optimization. However, thanks to the advent of the Android GPU Inspector, it’s likely you won’t have compromise on poorly optimized games.

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