Google supposedly imposes the “easy access” notification on Android new devices

Excluding China, Android is expected to have Google App access by default. At least it was believed so. The change is coming with the recent ban that the US imposed on Huawei. The rumor has it that Google is trying to make it as visible as possible that the device has access to their apps. The latest update says that OEM is forced to write it down.

Experts noticed that Xiaomi Mi 10 was presented with the writing on the box that stated that Google app is the most used app and it has access to it. Putting it on the box means stressing it.

Being situationally aware of the Huawei case, one can see the reference to the Xiaomi instance. Several people voiced their concerns that the measures imposed on Huawei were far from fair.

Xiaomi was quick to argue with the accusations. They announced that Google plans to implement new requirements. This writing will be a default one for all the devices it incorporates with. The tablets and other gadgets that use Google apps will be signed with that sentence now.

As it appears Xiaomi has renewed its contract with Google. As a part of the contract, new points were added. The Android partners are supposedly getting the same requirement written into their contracts. With Xiaomi, due to the timing of the Mi 10 launch, the signature had to be already implemented. Hence, when Mi 10 was released in Europe, it already had the” easy access” writing. If this version is correct, the OnePlus will be released with the same feature on the box. So far Vivo has confirmed it, but the very Goole is yet to present the official confirmation.

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