How Google blocks its apps and services on Huawei smartphones

Google services now perhaps provide the greatest value for owners of new Huawei smartphones. Due to restrictions imposed by the U.S. government, the Chinese company cannot install Google Play and other services from the search giant on its machines, forcing its users to look for workarounds. Undoubtedly, AppGallery has made significant progress in its development over the past six months, but due to many applications still requiring Google Mobile Services for stable operation, it’s impossible to do this without the official Google directory. Google doesn’t want anyone to use its services by bypassing the official ban.

Google services not working on Huawei smartphones? There is a reason
Are Google services not working on Huawei smartphones? There is a reason

Despite the fact that from time to time new ways of installing Google services on Huawei smartphones appear on the web, soon the search giant will always block them. It would seem that this can happen if Android is an open operating system that is distributed freely and does not contain spyware mechanisms that allow you to track the installation of certain programs? However, in recent years Google has become quite good in terms of user security and adapted Google Play Protect antivirus to detect devices that illegally use its services.


The device is not certified by Google Play Protection

Ironically, Google does not search for users who install its services without a legal basis, giving these activities to Google Play Protect. The fact is that the antivirus is installed by default on all devices that have Google Play. As a result, after the first scan, Google Play Protect can understand that the device on which it works, does not have Google certification, and thus gets the full right to prohibit all services, which most often happens. For this purpose it is not even necessary to carry out a manual check – automatics will do everything.

Google Play Protect blocks Google services on non-certified devices
Google Play Protect blocks Google services on non-certified devices

The device is not certified to run Google applications and services. Contact the manufacturer or retailer and ask them to provide you with a certified device.

Google Play Protect sends users of all Huawei smartphones who have tried to install Google Mobile Services this message.


How to disable Google Play Protection

Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved. Although Google allows you to disable Google Play Protect in “Settings” by preventing it from scanning your device, practice shows that this method does not work. Although Google Play’s built-in antivirus stops scanning the device for malicious applications and protects the user, being in a foreign environment forces the user to ask Google for confirmation of a certificate, which, it soon turns out, does not exist. However, if you want to give it a try, go to Google Play – Settings – Play Protection and disable all scanning options. You might get lucky and everything will work out.

However, if you encounter Google services being blocked due to lack of a certificate, this may be a real reason to return your smartphone back to the manufacturer or seller. After all, despite that law on consumer protection does not prescribe Google Play on your device, the lack of certification and the inability to install popular applications may well come down to a defect. I think in this case, it will be enough just to ask the shop to take the goods back. If this does not work, go to court – you have a good chance to create a new precedent and help all other users who find themselves in the same situation.

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