How is Huawei different from Samsung and what does Apple have to do with it?

Many are already used to the fact that there are literally a few top smartphone manufacturers in the world. There is no special rotation among them and they keep their leadership for years. Even failed models, like Note 7, can not spoil the overall situation. But have you ever wondered why these particular manufacturers are now in the top? And most importantly, what is the difference between the policies of these manufacturers? Where do they go, what do they strive for and how do they position themselves? Now we will understand everything and a lot will become clear, especially in the policy of pricing and advertising companies.


How do smartphone manufacturers differ

First of all, it should be understood that now the manufacturers of smartphones from the top three are very tight, periodically changing each other. For example, almost the entire year by the number of sold smartphones was leading Huawei, but in the fourth quarter of 2019 it was ahead of Apple. At the end of the year, the Chinese company has maintained its leadership, but its prospects are not very good. It’s because it’s got one hand tied to its back. It’s a bit of an abstract comparison, but you get it. It’s really hard for her right now and the company can’t work at its full potential.


Why does everyone love Apple so much

Despite such close sales positions, companies have a very different history. Apple has been making advanced computers for many years, even though they had a decade of stagnation at the end of the last century. Their first and only smartphone was the iPhone. In the beginning, people were talking about the iPhone Shuffle, but it was never meant to be. Over the years, Apple has increasingly positioned itself as the premium segment for people who need technology in addition to a label like Vertu. However, some products, for all their elite, have no analogues in principle. For example, MacOS is very convenient and perfectly tailored for iMac, MacBook and other company computers.

The iPhone is also good and, given the prices of competitors, it is not so expensive. Except the company manages to make it feel like a person bought something expensive, not just a productive phone call with a good camera. That’s what makes you want to buy her smartphones and other devices. As a bonus, they also work perfectly in infrastructure.

Samsung’s strategy

Unlike Apple, Samsung has a slightly different path. Samsung is trying to make a great emphasis on the specifications and the opportunities that it offers Android. In this case, she does not lose hope to show that she also wants to be a premium brand. One Galaxy Z Flip ad at the Oscars is worth it.

Samsung is trying to make a great emphasis on the specifications and the opportunities that it offers Android

The main difference between Samsung and Apple is its wide model range and the division of flagships into two components. How not to twist, but the Galaxy S range can not be a competitor to the Galaxy Note. These devices differ much more than the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone 11 P Pro Max.

The company has an inexpensive segment in which there are many worthy manufacturers, but a little confusing naming lately. But the company advertises and promotes these devices. And it also wants to plug all the holes and try it everywhere so as not to miss another revolution. Last time when the transition to modern smartphones began (in 2007), it has managed, unlike many who underestimated the importance of the first iPhone trend.

That’s why it massages the theme of folding smartphones of all kinds. Is Avos coming in? Although, I’ve already given you an example of why it’s not time for folding smartphones. But I’m surprised the company hasn’t released at least a few retractable camera smartphones to get a feel for the market. One thing’s for sure! They need to do something about the processors.

In any case, do not forget that Samsung, to which we are accustomed, is just a small piece of the whole company. In reality, Samsung is engaged in the construction of tankers, designing skyscrapers and much more. Electronics is important to him, but he can live without it.


Huawei Features

And now we have reached perhaps the most interesting company of the top three. Yeah, it’s hard for her now and she’ll probably be out of the top three soon. Even the company itself, if you believe the leaks, predicts a further decline in smartphone sales, which at the end of the year could reach 20%. If this happens, the company will sell less than 200 million smartphones for the first time since 2017.

huawei coronavirus

Back to company position. Have you noticed how much emphasis she puts on flagships? Only Huawei’s “P” or “Mate” series street posters and banners. At the same time, we hardly see any budget employees. Sometimes they get caught too, but are presented with such sauce, as if it were the new Huawei P40.

The distinctive feature of the company is that it continues to produce inexpensive smartphones, but unlike Xiaomi and to a slightly lesser extent Samsung tries to distance them from itself. What can I say, the company has Honor for inexpensive smartphones. They’re definitely not shy about inexpensive models.

I understand and even share that approach. It just becomes clear how Huawei is trying to become Apple among Android smartphones. The proof of that is the company’s wide recognition in China. Not only now, when the people of the country support it massively, but in general. It is not for nothing that Huawei has 80% of the smartphone market in China. Given that the Chinese are very fond of Apple, much becomes clear.


What’s the difference between smartphones

As you can see, there is a big difference in the approach of companies. We can not say that their smartphones are fundamentally different (except for the presence of Huawei and Samsung folding beds). They all call, do not brake, take great pictures and look good. It’s just that everybody somehow has a fixed opinion that Apple is premium, Samsung is functionality, Huawei…

What about Huawei? It’s a manufacturer of the world’s best telecommunications equipment. But few people know it. Everybody only knows her smartphones with top cameras and see how she tries to position herself. It’s not Apple, but the vector is going in that direction. Before the sanctions, this positioning worked well. Let’s see what happens next.

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