How to protect yourself from phone spam

If you say that you have never encountered calls that offer “very useful services”, without which you do not understand how you lived before, I will say that you do not have a phone. Indeed, this method of advertising has recently become very popular and almost every resident receives at least a few calls a day. This is unpleasant not only because it distracts from important things, but also because someone is constantly invading your personal space. Even if you’re not answering your phone, it’s still unpleasant that someone dared to dial your personal number. If you agree with that (or how else), you’ve probably wondered how to protect yourself from such calls. Today I’m going to tell you about a couple of easy ways to do that.


How did spammers got my number


How did spammers got my number

When you register on the site, in the online store, at the passage in the business center, but anywhere, at least on the site ads, we constantly leave your phone number. Collect all these numbers in the database with the names is not worth anything. You can even know the interests of the owner of the number, if he, for example, ordered a game console in the online store.

All this information can be used against you, but as a rule, so subtly no one works and spammers are limited to mass calls. If someone still wants to bother, he can collect a database of site visits from your smartphone. The problem is that such data has to be processed to get a behavioral pattern, and in the end it will be very expensive. Most likely, it won’t outweigh the benefits of possibly selling something.


Phone spam

Actually, the phenomenon of phone spam didn’t come up empty. It’s basic psychology. When a person calls you, you’re initially more loyal to them than to the text. E-mails are filtered out so that we don’t see anything superfluous, and we just delete the text right away.

When the phone rings and we answer the call, the person at the other end has the opportunity to catch us with his information. This was especially true a couple of years ago, when the calls did not reach this scale. Now it works too, but mostly with more trusting people, usually older people. Usually they get free medical checkups and super goods.


Even if you don’t pick up when you get a call from a number you don’t know, it doesn’t mean you won’t bump into the spammer. There are always moments when you are waiting for a call, such as from a courier or a buyer of goods. This is one of the success factors for such spammers.


How do you protect yourself from phone spammers?


How to protect yourself from phone spammers?

There are some good ways to protect against unwanted calls. A lot of people know about them, but as I recently made sure, not everything.

The first way is to have your smartphone’s regular call blocking functions from those not in your phone book. It’s not a bad way, but it’s a way to miss the most important calls. For example, if you provide some services or other business activities, this option will not work for you, because from unknown numbers you will be called very often.

The second and most appropriate way is to install special anti-spam applications. Such applications are available for both iOS and Android and are installed from branded application stores.

If you have already used such applications, write about it in comments or advise on other proven methods of protection against phone spam.



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  1. Jin Norman says

    These spammers are so annoying. Thank you for the advice. Hope that will help!

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