How to use your Google Assistant

For a long time my main smartphone was the iPhone, so I didn’t know other voice assistants except Siri existed. Accustomed to the standard of Apple-branded products, I could hardly believe anyone could do something better. However, Google was able to get ahead of Apple, having developed an almost perfect assistant that helped me out many times. Thanks to that it exists not only in a smartphone but also in the smart column in Google Home mini, which I got so as not to lose the skill of working with Google Assistant after switching to Alice, I can use Google Assistant even if I have no smartphone with me.

You may not like the voice of Google Assistant, but it’s a great voice assistant
You may not like the voice of Google Assistant, but it’s a great voice assistant

For me, Google Assistant is not just a voice assistant allowing you to dictate search queries with your voice. This is a real substitute for many applications and my personal secretary, to whom I can give really important assignments.


How to use Google Assistant

I used to use the Weather app from Yahoo because I liked its design. Its interface was really beautiful and intuitive. If it was raining, the screen showed raindrops; if there was a thunderstorm, it sparkled; if the sun was shining, it shone on my phone. However, at some point, I realized that beauty and aesthetics in are not as important as efficiency. Therefore, I didn’t even notice how I stopped opening the Weather app and began to check on the forecast from Google Assistant. I could just say the phrase “Ok Google” and ask what the temperature was outside, how it will change in an hour, a day or a week. You don’t even have to look at the screen, the assistant spoke out the whole forecast as concisely as possible and informatively.

google assistant: weather
google assistant: weather

I never understood how people use planning applications. I regularly tried to comprehend all the charms of this kind of software, but invariably came across a sincere misunderstanding. It was banal to me to write down upcoming events on a piece of paper and put it near the computer. However, with Google Assistant, everything was greatly simplified. Now I just call the assistant, tell it what I need to be reminded of and at what time, and it just does it. This turned out to be even more effective because the sheet, if it was in front of me long enough, became familiar and over time I ceased to notice it. Google Assistant has no such problem.


Google assistant’s Interpreter mode

Despite that I speak English with a Mordovian accent, that is, rather mediocre, my knowledge is enough for traveling abroad, understanding signs at airports and reading books. However, sometimes due to one word the whole understanding of the text completely collapses. This happens infrequently, and I so don’t want to keep Google Translator for this. However, Google Assistant comes to the rescue, which already has a built-in translation function. It works verbally, so I can say a word and ask it to find it in another language, or I can just take a picture of the text and get a translation on the screen. How to use your Google Assistant Gc8LW - How to use your Google Assistant
Translate with Google Assistant

In general, Google Assistant frees up your hands. One of the features of Google Assistant, which I really appreciate, is the ability to send messages to WhatsApp and Telegram by voice. Alice does not know how. In the case of an assistant, it is enough to say the command “Send a message to [messenger name]”, select the recipient, dictate the text and confirm the send. However, it’s important to remember that Google Assistant doesn’t search for the addressee by the list of your chats in messenger, but by the address book.


How to return money for the application

I have not downloaded new applications from Google Play for a long time, but there was a time when I was actively experimenting with new software. I didn’t particularly want to purchase new apps, because I wasn’t sure about the quality – in the end, this is not the AppStore for you. However, after I found out that Google Assistant allows you to easily and quickly return purchased apps in seconds, I stopped being afraid. I didn’t return apps very often, but thanks to the possibility, I began to buy significantly more apps. At some point there were so many of them the need for new ones disappeared almost two years ago and continues to this day.

What else can Google Assistant do?

  • Track packages
  • Perform mathematical calculations
  • Reconcile financial market data
  • Set an alarm
  • Keep a shopping list
  • Talk about the nutritional value of products

I like Google Assistant. Despite that on a smartphone I usually use Alice, from time to time I still return to the assistant. So I had to do it less often, I even bought a smart column Google Home mini. Initially this was supposed to be a hub for managing a smart home, but at some point I realized it could be used when Alice could not fulfill my request.

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