Huawei CEO: Google needs us

Ten months ago, the US government imposed sanctions on Huawei, forbidding it to cooperate with American companies. The Chinese were affected by the restriction on Google services, so that the company’s branded smartphones would cease to be of any interest to users. However, Huawei has managed to develop an alternative to many services from the search giant – from the AppGallery app store to its own voice assistant. But how will the company ​​resume cooperation with Google? The CEO tells us how.

Google seems to need Huawei more than vice versa
Google seems to need Huawei more than vice versa

Huawei hopes the United States will grant it a license to cooperate with Google and other companies, said the head of the consumer sector of Huawei, Richard Yu. According to him, this is important for American companies, which can be vital for profit thanks to Huawei. Still, fans of Huawei are quite numerous for them to neglect the brand and refuse service, especially since Huawei doesn’t mind using old tactics, although it has a backup development plan.


Will Google Play return to Huawei smartphones?

“The resumption of cooperation with us is in the interests of American companies. We want to use all Google services in our smartphones and Google Play as the main application store. Moreover, we want to stay on the Android platform. However, if we are unable to obtain a license, we will think about entering into partnerships with other companies. While we delay this moment, but we are unlikely to be able to do this indefinitely. Now we simply do not want to devalue cooperation with companies from the United States”, – Yu.

Celia is Huawei's new voice assistant. It's pretty good
Celia is Huawei’s new voice assistant. It’s pretty good

Despite that Huawei is still waiting for the United States to lift or at least ease sanctions and allow it to cooperate with Google, the Chinese have already accumulated enough of their own services. The current situation forced the company to strongly revise its principles. As a result, services that were planned to remain exclusive to the Chinese market instead launched to the world market. In particular, it’s voice assistant, Celia, of which Huawei is very proud. In less than a year, the company’s developers taught Celia English, French, and Spanish and continue to teach new ones. Therefore, in the near future, Celia will launch in new countries.


Why Huawei is better than Apple

Huawei is not limited to service development and improvement, which will replace Google services. The company goes further and wants to make new, inaccessible apps to the search giant. One of Huawei’s great achievements can be safely considered the ecosystem it built by combining the functionality of its proprietary devices. The result is something completely unimaginable and unattainable for other manufacturers. What does it cost to get access to files on a computer from a smartphone without downloading and remotely modify them? Even Apple doesn’t have that, nor does Google.

Huawei has integrated laptops and smartphones so deeply with each other that they have become almost one
Huawei has integrated laptops and smartphones so deeply with each other that they have become almost one

I really like Huawei’s approach and would like the United States to not give them a license to cooperate with Google, because then we can all see how the company will develop, which was deprived of the services that make up the core of Android. Gmail, Google Maps or Google Duo are not for everyone and you can do without them, but many people can’t imagine life without Google Play and Huawei will have to track this track alone. It will be even more interesting to observe the successes and failures of the company on the path to absolute autonomy and gaining independence from the search giant.

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