Huawei to bypass Android access block using AppGallery

Huawei has been going through some bumps on the road. Every year seems to bring a new challenge for the company’s think tanks. Previously, Android terminated cooperation with Huawei on providing the operating system. Google was forced to deprive Huawei of its Android operating system. The political tensions between China and the USA have been leaving a lot of marks on the company.

How is Huawei solving its problems

Instead of resorting to the outside help, the company managers decided to add the app of Google to Huawei’s app store. It seems like a legit way to gain the attention of more users. The company has experience of producing the devices without a licensed app of Google. The phone P40 was an example. To add more to that, the users in China are very used to this situation since Google was banned there long ago. However, Huawei is aiming at global outreach and cooperation with Google for that is vital. As a result, Huawei decided to follow Apple’s steps and make Google service available via Huawei’s AppGallery. It seems like a feasible plan. It is up to the company now to make it work.

Although it looks like Huawei is struggling, the previous experience shows that they know how to deal with challenging situations. As an example, the company developed its operating system named Harmony. It is available for smartphone and TV. The mentioned above P40 was based on an Android open-source OS. To be fair, the most prominent names in the app world are missing from Huawei’s app store. However, it seems like that will not stop the company.

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