Injustice: Gods Among Us on Android devices

NetherRealm Studios, which is familiar to us from the console games of the Mortal Combat series, together with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a hit called Injustice: Gods Among Us on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game was quite successful and brought to the atmosphere of the deadly battle of many characters from DC comic book universe.

But the most important part of this news is not about how cool it was to break through the wall from one location level to another. As befits a new-fashioned tender – the game had an analogue designed for mobile devices, and the first thing it came out on the iPhone and iPad. And so, on November 20, six months later, it reached us, the owners of Android-devices.

The game is a slasher, in combat system very similar to Batman: Arkham City Lockdown. In order to strike a normal blow you need to trample on the screen, and with a successful series of weak blows at the end of the pile to the specified side for the final blow. For a stronger but slower attack, just pile on. To dodge, alas, you can not, but there is a block – activated by holding two fingers on the screen.

The battle itself is carried out in 3×3 mode: three of your characters and three opponents, you can change them at almost any time by clicking on the appropriate hero on the left from above. The battle is conducted until you destroy the last character of the enemy. Or he’s yours.

As it may seem, there is a system of pumping characters, but everything is standard here – we earn experience and coins and for them pump three types of superdarts. There are three categories of heroes: bronze, silver and gold, as well as re-purchase a card character can make it elite.

The game in the Play Store is absolutely free, but it is also a donation. For real money we are asked to buy coins, which is sometimes really lacking, and crystals charging characters. But there is a small hint, how to get rid of the purchase of these unfortunate crystals. After you have used up all the energy, just close the game, stop all active Internet connections and set the time to three hours ahead. After the next time you enter the game, you will be able to return the time.

Fiting came out really hit and I liked it very much: the quality graphics and the ability to play for the heroes of the stunning DC comics right now make you leave only positive feedback about the game. It’s available for both smartphones and tablets, and thanks to Play Games cloud synchronization, your data (not always, but still) is saved in the cloud, so you can continue playing from another device.

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