IOS and Android are investing in an app for tracking coronavirus

The most notorious virus of the century has not left any sphere of human life untouched. The whole world is trying to contribute to solving the coronavirus riddle. IT professionals from Microsoft, Google, and other companies have launched a project which will work as an open-source and will update the users on the situation with the virus.

Among the crucial issues in fighting the disease is situational awareness. Informing people about the spread is vital since previously this fact was taken for granted by the most part of our population. Although it seems that in the age of such a technological progress passing the information should be easy, coronavirus proved otherwise.

IOS and Android are investing in an app for tracking coronavirus

The attempts to provide people with exhaustive information have been numerous. Whatsapp app was participating in creating the bot which would tell about the updates and dismiss some of the myths about the situation. However, based on these experiences the specialists identified the need for an app, specific to this virus.

The project is on the initial stage of development but the creators do not have much time to waste. The approximate release date is the end of March 2020. Developing this app, the creators are focusing on making it available in every corner of the globe. It means making sure it supports as many languages as possible and gives an option to add the location of the user. As to the languages, at the moment the creators are looking at adding the official languages of WHO.

The ambition of the creators is to improve the functionality of an app. It might serve as an aid for consulting the suspicion, infected or recovering patients. The last but not least function that makes the app inevitable for fighting the virus spread is assisting with tracking the contacts. It was proved that the virus is spreading via human contact, thus finding potentially infected people is more important than ever.

Source 9to5google
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