Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an Android game equipped with all the necessary elements for fantasy games. Here you have to defend the fortress entrusted to you, build it and fight, placing additional troops on the battlefield. For all this you have 11 heroes, 18 tower improvements and 40 different types of enemies. img 5e853753c4f45 - Kingdom Rush Frontiers

About the game

The tower you are to defend was once part of the castle where the ruler of the most powerful state lived. But numerous external conflicts and internal strife eroded the country, and there was destruction. Emptying the treasury, once filled with gold, the army scattered, and strategically important structures, such as defensive towers, fortress walls and so on, were destroyed. You have to revive the former power, no matter how difficult this task may seem. As a wise ruler and experienced military leader, you must understand that everything depends primarily on you.

At Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you will have to build a huge number of towers and improve each of them, and build an army capable of defending the nascent state. Don’t be afraid of anyone’s help, because everyone who wants to defend the kingdom is already worth it, and the best hero will be determined after a huge number of battles, in which the enemies are becoming more and more ruthless.

Your army will be made up of a variety of classes and races: here, side by side will be knights and archers, dragons and giants, a place even for terrible monsters and plants. Each of their representatives has unique abilities and characteristics, knowledge and skillful combination of which will bring you great benefit. As a commander, you will have to study all the positive and negative characteristics of each of the creatures in your army. Any unaccounted information can cost you life, and your kingdom – defeat.


Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers on Google Play


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    Cool! I will try this game.

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