Microsoft is killing Skype, or why Hangouts should replace it

Messengers and social networks have already entered our lives quite strongly. Of course, everyone is good in his or her own way and intended for certain purposes. And the developers have been fighting for a long time to create the perfect one, which can simply destroy the competitors. But, so far, it has not worked. The closest to perfect is Skype and Hangouts. But if the messenger from Google is still relatively young and has youth sore points, then Microsoft has clearly decided to bury Skype. Today we are going to try to figure out the situation and decide whether Skype or Hangout is the winner in the absenteeism.

Skype has a very long and rich history, which began in 2003 with several people who conceived to create a competitor for ICQ. Only instead of text messages, they wanted to use calls. It’s a rather progressive solution that many people liked.

Originally, Skype was a simple program that allowed users to make calls. But if it wasn’t for the instant popularity that hit the service right after it was released, wouldn’t we be talking about it now? Gradually, the messenger began to grow in various functions – first it was possible to send text messages, and in version 2.0 video calls were added.

Don’t forget that Skype has been able to make calls to regular phones since almost the earliest versions. It’s not free, of course. The messenger even has a whole network of tariffs for different countries, and recharge your account has long been no problem.

The years 2009 and 2010 became very significant in the history of Skype and especially its mobile application. In 2009, a version of the program 4.0 was released, in which many learn the familiar and now the interface, there is a messenger application for iPhone. The following year Skype went even further with the release of the official Android app, which instantly hit the top of Play Market. In addition, support for Skype Lite (java version with only chat support) and Skype for Windows Mobile was discontinued. Also this year it became possible to make group video calls and offline messages. And, probably, at the very moment when Skype stopped supporting its application for mobile Windows, Microsoft bosses decided that since its messenger is not popular, it is necessary to buy the one whose services are used almost the whole world.

May 10, 2011 is considered by many to be a black day in Skype’s history. It was on this day that Twitter simply exploded with the news that Microsoft was buying Skype. It’s silly enough to say that the company from Redmont left the messenger as it has always been. The company decided to apply a stricter policy of monetization to the service – advertising inside applications, some features were switched to a paid basis. Although, a rather strange step by Microsoft – Skype is not an integrated application in Windows Phone 8. But Microsoft has been a weirdo for quite some time now, so don’t be surprised by this fact.

So, to sum up a small sum for Skype: a messenger with great opportunities, but overloaded with advertising, and the introduction of paid features where competitors can provide the same absolutely free. Huge user base, Skype is represented on almost all platforms. So what can Hangouts do against it?

Despite the fact that Hangouts is a fairly young messenger, it is already one of the most popular around the world. But you shouldn’t think that he’s that young. Hangout came out of Google Talk, which is much earlier. Of course, it didn’t have any special features, even though all you needed to register was gmail.

However, as such, the convenience of Google Talk has never differed. In the messenger was implemented the ability to both write messages and make calls. The only thing that could stop a potential user was the instability of the application.

The increased popularity of messengers made Google think about the fact that its own development is not in special demand and it is necessary to change something. This is how Hangouts appeared, which radically changed Google Talk. In addition to noticeable changes in the interface, there were quite profound changes in the work of the program itself. The first thing that immediately caught my eye was deep integration with Google+, which is now just in every Google project. At the same time both plus and minus – everything here already depends on the attitude to social networking from Google. The ability to search for new contacts by phone number and send them invitations by SMS has been added.


small conclusion on Hangouts


So, let’s make a small conclusion on Hangouts. Great messenger, with a million army, with free video calls and binding to Google+. It’s the best choice for an active user.

And now why are we all here today – why is Microsoft burying Skype and Hangouts supposed to replace it?

The first reason for that is Skype’s overload. I’ve been on a nervous tic since the Android app’s last update. The number two reason for this is to stylize your appearance for Windows 8, no matter which device you’re using the messenger on. It seems to be nothing, but annoying, and quite serious. Reason number three is that Skype is too much tied to Microsoft services. If you buy a device on Windows 8 and ship Skype through the store, you’ll be asked to tie your account to a Microsoft account, and not just to enter your username and password. Why? You don’t know.

At the same time, Hangouts is gradually adding more and more features that make the messenger more convenient to use. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Skype is going to die instantly and everyone will switch to Hangout. Approximately similar situation at one time occurred with ICQ, when Skype began to displace the popular messenger.

The situation will be solved very soon, we just need to watch as Hangouts and the growing popularity of Android, gradually displacing Skype from the market.

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