Microsoft to extend its Safety Tools to Android and IOS

Microsoft started a year with a long list of announcements. Of particular interest is an extension which is now working on Xbox and Windows 10. It was announced that in addition to supporting the mentioned platforms, Microsoft will be providing Family Safety tools for Android and IOS.

The sets of Tools for Family Safety are aimed at promoting and controlling online habits. They became inevitable for families with children.

Benefits of Safety Tools

The level of danger of online activities has been proven as high. As a countering measure, safety protocols were created. Safety tools for families were created and enabled parents to control the child’s online activity. To be specific, the tool gives access to the browsing history, tells how much time was spent online and bans access to harmful sources. Besides, it will be possible to track the kid’s movement to make sure that they reach their destination. The comprehensive control that the app gives has been welcomed by many users who see it as a relief in a modern environment.

IOS is launching the same app as Android, but with limited capabilities. Since the IOS platform is locked, not all the functions will work. For example, it will not be possible to set a time limit via the app. Monitoring other devices will be available on IOS though.

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