New Thumbnails to be implemented for Android YouTube app

It seems that the latest trends to enlarge the size of the video preview has come to YouTube version for Android. The users are to see the full-spread thumbnails of YouTube when searching the info.

A couple of testings has been conducted already. YouTube is trying to replace the thumbnails that previously were of the size of the half of the screen to full -size ones. This feature will be similar to how videos are displayed in the new Explore, Subscription and Home tabs.

The layout of the information about the video will go through changes. Previously, the description of the video and info like channel, name, date of upload was on the right. Now, it will be located under the video. By introducing these features, the image of the channel will be visible. Separation with the help of sections Related to your search and other inquiries between the results will be preserved.

The newly – design feature has not been announced officially yet, but experts already see the flaw in it. As it appeared, the thumbnail size change will force the density with which the content is presented. The users would rather choose seeing several results than have a huge preview and a lot of scrolling.

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