New Update From Google can potentially correct Vital Bug in Android Auto

Android Auto suffers a major bug that disabled its voice commands. The drivers are deprived of the chance to use voice commands to insert the destinations, or turn on the music hands – free.

It appeared that both 9 and 10 versions of Android were suffering from the bug no matter what car it was used in. The concerns were raised in February 2020 and Google was in charge of looking into the issue. As a result, six months into the investigation, Google revealed that its app was damaged. Android Auto was not a problem.

Somewhere in the middle of March Google sent out the message that the updates are supposed to fix the bug. The proposed by Google 11.0.11 and 11.1.9 solutions did not sort out the issue. The complaints kept coming in. With the release of 11.2.9 Google announced that the bug should be fixed. Along with 11.211, it became available this week.

At this moment, the changelog is non-existent. Google states that the voice commands are operating properly, and can be used for navigating even without a connection. With the user’s reviews divided into two categories, it is hard to say whether Google’s effort was successful. Some still claim that voice commands are disabled. Hence, all the users are welcome to leave them feedback to let the company know whether the updates completed their mission successfully.


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