Nokia 7.2 to get regular updates from Android 10

Android One – powered Nokia is receiving the updates from Android 10.

IFA 2019 witnessed a presentation of surprisingly posh Nokia version 7.2. It was equipped with Android 9.0 Pie. As HMD Global announced, the device was among the pioneers in line to have an OS upgrade. The event coincided with the Q1 time, that was presented earlier.

Nokia and Android admirers were expecting this event to come quicker. Well, now the time has come and vivid users can see Android 10 on their Nokias 7.2. Juho Sarvikas who is the chief product officer confirmed the updates on his social network account Twitter.

What changes will Nokia go through?

Android will bring a list of beloved by all the users’ feature to enrich Nokia’s OS. First of all, the dark mode and privacy settings. Not to mention the overall improved experience.

A bit of stressful news for the owners of the devices. The upgrade needs time to get to your device. Hence, be patient. As the practice shows, the results of Android and Nokia cooperation have been presented fashionably late.

Nevertheless, there is no point in getting frustrated about the timings. The upgrade might be waiting in the System updates of your phone right now. It is high time to check it.

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