Opera for Android rolls out improved features for data saving and offline pages

In the state of COVID – 19 pandemic, most people worldwide are staying home. It means they are staying online since nobody canceled working and socializing. At times like these, users pay attention to the functioning of all the apps and devices. What comes in handy is the storage of data consumption. For that reason, Opera attempted to optimize users experience and produce an app with refined data saving functions and offline pages, as well as access to Speed Dial.

Overview of the Updates

Among the prominent features that Opera possesses is saving the data. The name of the function is pretty self- explanatory. It enables the user to save the data and browse concurrently. In an updated form the feature has a badge that lets you know whether you switched on the toggle. Besides, it specifies the amount of data saved. By tapping on the badge you can check out the settings and see the actual data saved.

One more significant feature of Opera is saving pages in offline mode for later. As an improvement to the feature, the user now can pick where the page is going to be saved. For example, if your smartphone is running out of memory, you can put it to an external card. In general, the file operations have been simplified and relocating them will now be a quicker process. The UI went through the update as well. It now has better icons, the size of the file indicated on the list, and a badge. The badge can be found in the address bar when you view an offline page.

Updates on YouTube enabled users to move to an app right from the browser authentically. The admirers of cryptocurrencies will be happy to go through the updates in Crypto Wallet.

To experience all the perks of Opera 57 version you need to update Opera for Android. Judging from all the latest news, these features will not be final and more are to come.

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