Recent leaks prove Apple’s intention to copy one more Android feature

It was announced that Apple is redesigning the setting for iOS wallpapers. iOS 14 settings will have new options like images divided by categories and others. DongleBookPro who provides regular insights into Apple’s plans presented the screens that display the updated settings.

The information leaked proved that the images on new iOS are provided in collections like Flowers or Classic Stripes. This is done, so the user has not all the wallpapers together, but sorted by categories that make it easier to find a certain picture.

The users will also have a chance to use a function similar to one the Apple watch has. More widgets will be added to the home screen as well. It will be enabled with the help of the so-called Avocado feature. A dynamic wallpaper for the home screen will also be introduced. It will go in dark, blurry and dark color versions.

Experts have a suspicion that these features comprise a part of a greater idea. It seems like Apple is going into upgrading the widgets for iPad as well as iPhone. It will be the first time so much work is dedicated to it. iOS 14 widgets will supposedly be moved around in the same way as other icons for an app.

Since the official statement has not been presented, there is still a chance of the features being canceled. Taking that Apple will implement the updates, the users will be able to juggle with widgets and set different photos for the home screen and lock screen. Besides, the rumor has it that the notifications for the people who went missing will be added to Find My iPhone app and Siri will go through the upgrade.


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