Samsung. The path from dried fish to the top of the world of technology

No matter how obvious it sounds, absolutely all the companies that have achieved great success today started with very little. It is difficult to believe in such a thing for one reason: their current fame simply does not fit with the image of a newcomer company, which, in some forgotten period of time, maintained the sole ambition and persistence of the founder.

However, that’s exactly how it works. A vivid example of this is Apple, which came to prominence thanks to computers they built in the garage. If you start a conversation about Android, it’s necessary to mention a manufacturer called Samsung. First, at the moment, it is the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in the world. Second, could you ever imagine that the focus of the company at first was on the transportation of vegetables?




Fruitful beginnings.

The company was founded in 1938 in a town named Daegu. It is, of course, located in South Korea. As you have probably guessed, the main goal of the newly founded Samsung was to sell dried fish and transport vegetables and fruits to China. However, in just under ten years, the company, whose name translates from Korean as “three stars”, had some production facilities. Among the latter were flour milling and confectionery machines.


Samsung was founded in 1938


Black-and-white era.

1970 was marked by the premiere of the first black-and-white TV set created by the duo of Samsung and Sanyo. However, the South Korean giant still had not found its final vocation, and the actions of its leaders were like people who do not know what to take at a buffet, and end up trying everything.

That’s why units were created to work in the heavy, chemical, and petrochemical industries. In fact, the matter even reached the creation of a department specializing in shipbuilding in 1974.

However, the success of the TV sets of this manufacturer was obvious. The proof of that is their millionth unit sold in 1976. This figure reached four million just two years later. That’s not a bad result, is it?


Samsung factory

The end of the seventies was marked by the start of microwave production.


That sweet word “computer”.

Samsung started manufacturing personal computers in 1983. Soon after that, it became clear to company management that computer technology is an incredibly promising area. In order to increase its influence in this area, the company created a research institute.


Samsung power button

However, this was not their biggest event of the eighties. In 1987, the founder of Samsung, Byung-Chull Lee, who had held the postion for almost 50 years, resigned as CEO.

His son, Kun-Hee Lee, successfully took the lead in managing the corporation.


Journey into the world of phones.

Staying afloat in the early nineties was quite difficult. To please the rapidly growing tastes of users was something most companies could not have done, but Samsung was able to do it.

So, in 1992, the South Korean giant was developing its first system for mobile phones. Three years later, the company surprised the world with a 33-inch two-way TV, and two years later became a partner of the Olympic Games.


samsung mobile phone

The last year of the twentieth century was marked by starting the sale of a full line of digital TVs and the creation of a multifunction phone.


Fixing positions.

In the following years, the company continued to prove its superiority by gradually improving the features of produced TV sets and other household appliances.

By 2004, the company’s phones were incredibly widespread. For example, Samsung sold about 40 million phones in the U.S. during this time period.


Samsung chipsets

2006 was remembered for producing the first 10-megapixel camera, and 2007 – for becoming first in sales among all TV producers in the world.


Keep growing.

The merits and achievements of the company over the past five years will have to wait for a separate article. However, it is clear that 50 million touch phones, which the company managed to sell by 2009, deserve mention. At about the same time, the company presented its own operating system, Bada, but that soon fizzled out.

The middle of 2010 was marked by the presentation of the first model of the Galaxy S line.


Samsung Galaxy S4

Further events continued to take place in a fairly predictable pattern. Samsung produces a huge amount of equipment for the home, periodically visits the courts to resolve issues with Apple, and regularly updates their line of the most popular devices.

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