The new line of Xiaomi devices to receive Android 10

The latest Xiaomi products, staring with MIUI 11, will be operating on Android 10. It means that they will have a stable Android 10 update.

Devices in Question for Update

It was officially announced on the Xiaomo website that the devices Mi 8 and Pro, Mi 8 SE, Mi 9 Lite as well as SE are going to have Android 10 regular updates.

For the impatient users who want no waiting for the updates to fly over, it is possible to install them manually. For the majority, however, it is recommended to wait for it to happen naturally.

The overall history of MIUI shows that the latest version of the device is as close to Android as possible. Previous iterations of Xiaomi were much more different. The updated features though are not based on Android but MIUI. Besides, all the models in question for the update are already rolling with the Android 9 Pie. Hence, Android 10 might not be that life-changing.

The good news is that the type of phones to be updated belong to the affordable line of devices that Xiaomi has. It is a pleasant surprise for all the users of mid-ranged line phones.

Future Plans

At the moment, the official announcement included only five Xiaomi devices. Nevertheless, there are for sure more to follow within a short period of time. The premium version devices have already gone through the updates. All the phones that were announced, including MIUI 11 have Android 10 by default.

Xiaomi also informed about the new line of gadgets Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 being flagships as well as Mi 10 Lite. The devices will support 5G. Experts predict the future of the most- sought device to Mi 10 Lite due to its price (about $349) and a rich set of functions. Meanwhile, the other two phones are looking at being posh devices with a much higher price.

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