The revival of LineageOS in Android 10 is approaching

Lineage is actively working on fixing the reputation and keeping up with the times. Missed by many fans all over the world, the free OS is coming back to live in Android 10. The platform that gained popularity and love of fans due to the unique features and custom design is rocking again.

Lineage cooperation with Android has been nothing but successful in the past. The improvements in night mode, privacy settings, and many other functions have been entertaining the users for years. However, the community project was blamed for being a little slow with producing more ideas and releasing more products. The revival of LinegaeOS in Android 10 is approaching

While the confirmation and the official release date has not been announced, the experts and fans are looking for clues. One of the clues is the situation with the updates on the older devices. The Lineage 16.1 OS update is not available anymore to certain devices (LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition, Motorola Moto Z1, et cetera). It is interpreted as giving the way to Lineage17.1.

For sure there are more updates to come and the suspense created by the developers grows more and more attention.

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