Tracking Covid – 19 with Android

There is no doubt that we live in heady times. Covid-19 is messing with people’s lives worldwide. As a silver lining to it, if it is possible to say it, technology has never stopped developing. As a response to a nasty villain virus, IT companies are creating apps to gain control over the spread of Covid-19 at least in any way.

Why are Apps important?

The virus has been surrounded by mysteries. It sure made the job to add developers harder. At the moment, no doctor knows for sure the combination of symptoms peculiar to coronavirus solemnly. Besides, the countries have to stick to their national laws of privacy and it makes information gathering twice harder. However, satisfying the need for tracking apps is vital. Since it was acknowledged at this stage that eliminating the virus is impossible, containing it is a temporary solution. Disregarding all the obstacles, the apps that track symptoms of the novel disease exist. Here are some of the options and their specifications.

Symptom tracker Zoe AppTracking Covid - 19 with Android

An app that aims at assisting potentially infected people to self – record their health state. An even more important function is that the information is passed to medical professionals for analysis. For sure, this information is classified and the user’s privacy is guaranteed. The app is compatible with IOS and Android. All the data it collects will be used for the study conducted by medical professors Tim Spector Andrew Chan.

As to the downsides, not every country follows the same privacy protocol. It has been an issue that prevents many apps from collecting info worldwide.

Covid – 19 Tool by AppleTracking Covid - 19 with Android

A tool developed by the cooperation of Apple, CDC, and FEMA intends to check symptoms, collect the data and of course provide some recommendations to the user. It operates by asking a user a list of questions regarding their health. The benefit of the app is that despite being created by Apple, it is available on all other PC’s on the web.

GP at Hand

Available in the UK, this app offers not only symptom recording but an actual appointment with a general practitioner in a video mode. This service belongs to the NHS and is considered to be a start-up at the moment. It has a lot of potential though since it does not require going out to see a doctor.

Jio App – India

Despite being created in India the app is available everywhere. It works as a simple questionnaire. After that, some basic estimation is performed and the user is told whether the symptoms are Covid- 19 like or not.

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