What can you do if your Android smartphone starts to slow down?

Many users have noticed over time their smartphones stop working as well. Some attribute this to artificial aging by the manufacturer. Others try not to notice it and only a few wonder why it happens. In this article, we’ll analyze some typical reasons why your favorite Galaxy S4 doesn’t work as well as Huawei P40 Pro. Even if this article doesn’t help you speed up your smartphone, it will at least give you an insight into why this is happening. Knowing this, you can change a lot and maybe save your worry and money. If your smartphone is over two years old, this article will be especially relevant to you.

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These examples don’t show exactly what affects the speed of your smartphone more, there may be just one reason why your phone slows down but in 99 percent of cases, one of the fixes will work for you.


What are the dangers of viruses for Android?

Many Android smartphones are infected with viruses. Often users don’t even know it. These viruses, in the vast majority of cases, are safe as they won’t steal your bank details or other valuable data.

Viruses must be fought not only around you, but also on your smartphone
Viruses must be fought not only around you but also on your smartphone

If they do, they get caught right away. They’ll end up being removed from the app store. Instead, it’s much easier for them to just slip ads to the user and make money from it. On the one hand, formally there is nothing illegal about it, but on the other, users may not even notice the presence of such an application. This is the ideal way for any virus to develop.

Because they usually run in the background viruses cause the system to run slower and the battery to run out faster.


Applications in the background

Often users allow applications to run in the background. For example, activity trackers, email clients, and others. They also require system resources for their work. Although they don’t have malicious intent, you need to analyze what you need and disable unnecessary resources.

This will reserve battery and make the device work faster. And at the same time, it will warm up less often. Third-party lunkers, themes, and dynamic wallpapers can also severely slow down the smartphone.

Over time, such applications accumulate and users think the smartphone has stopped working as well.


Why should you update apps?

Don’t forget that three years ago applications weren’t as demanding as they are now. Even messenger apps can put a lot of strain on the system.

If you bought a smartphone 3-4 years ago and didn’t change the list of apps you used, but updated them regularly, you’ve most likely increased the overall load on your system. It’s the same with firmware upgrades – new features require more resources. As a result, your smartphone starts to slow down.

You can see this in an old smartphone that hasn’t been updated for a long time. For example, I once found an iPhone 4S with the original firmware version and a minimal set of apps from that time. It worked very fast. It was hard to say almost 10 years had passed since its release.


How to clear your smartphone’s memory

If your smartphone’s memory is 90% or more, it will start slowing down. That’s why it’s better to choose a model with a lot of built-in memory.

Do not spare money for a good memory card. The entire smartphone will work better with it.
Do not spare money for a good memory card. The entire smartphone will work better with it.

That’s the same for memory cards, too. If it’s large and 95 percent full, your smartphone will have less memory. Also, you shouldn’t save on the memory card, as fast options will work much better. Not only will the storage speed increase, but so will the overall speed of the system, as it will experience less resistance, especially if you shoot video in high resolution, which takes up a lot of space.

Make sure your smartphone has enough free space.

A clogged registry is also a common problem, but you shouldn’t use applications to clean it. You can just delete something that’s taking up space.


Poor smartphone performance

An old smartphone can also break just because it’s old. Besides, boards and chips wear out, too. This is especially noticeable if they often overheat. Materials start to lose their properties and can no longer provide the same level of signal transmission as before. So, if you’ve been overheating your smartphone all the time and you’ve been using it under harsh conditions, it could stop working as well as it should.

Of course, this is an extreme, but before being swollen, it already had an impact on the speed of the smartphone
Of course, this is extreme, but before being swollen, it already had an impact on the speed of the smartphone

Your fingerprint can also cause the battery to wear out. If it doesn’t work properly, the controller can make the system less efficient and no one will warn you about it.


What can you do if you dropped your smartphone?

The reason may be that for many it’s not at all obvious why your phone stops working properly. I’m talking about physical damage, the kind where everything works but then suddenly stops.

Dropping your phone could damage the chip’s contacts. It happens all the time. I’ve talked to the people at the service center and they say they often see this kind of micro-damage. They do, however, usually refer to communication systems such as antennas.

Just because a smartphone works after you drop it doesn’t mean it’s not damaged. When it stops working in a month, you won’t know why.

Also, if you dropped your smartphone in water, but you got it out right away and it still works, you shouldn’t ignore it – the water got in anyway. When it dries, it will leave salt and alkali in its place, which will corrode the board’s thin connections. Over time, this will lead to slower operation or complete failure of the equipment.

If this happens, it’s best to go to a service center where your smartphone will be taken apart and the traces of water will be completely removed.

Take care of your smartphone and remember the speed of launching apps still depends on how you feel. If you’re anxious then apps will seem slower to open. Just remember tomorrow is a new day.

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