What is the future of online cinemas in the context of the coronavirus pandemic?

Now, in a very large number of countries, special conditions for work and leisure have been provided. Some are working from home, while movie theaters are closed and concerts and public events are canceled. All for one purpose only – to reduce the risk of coronavirus. Because of this, new entertainments come to the fore, for example, in China, the amount spent by users on applications or on computer games has doubled. All this has a serious impact on the entertainment industry as a whole. Even when the global quarantine is over, many things will still not return to their usual state and will change forever. Especially streaming video services. What awaits them?

Online cinemas will become more popular
Online cinemas will become more popular


How to watch an online movie theater

It’s no secret that the easiest way to watch videos, movies, and television shows are by streaming them. For many, these services still remain a curiosity, but things change and gradually they become part of our everyday lives.

Streaming video services are not just YouTube. There are many services that offer movies and TV shows, without having to leave home. There are those who create content themselves and make good money on it, for example, Netflix, which has become a household name like Tesla, Xerox, iPad, and others. There are also such services that do not produce their content but sell someone else’s and earn a commission.


Online cinemas in quarantine

Under quarantine in large countries, the demand for these services will increase significantly. Of course, what else do we have to do while sitting at home for a long time? The vast majority of those who attended events regularly will now have to turn to videos, computer games or books at home.

Many people will look like this during quarantine
Many people will look like this during the quarantine


Why do cinemas close?

Ordinary cinema is associated with high costs. Top films bring decent money but there are some which are not so profitable. As a result, profit normally ebbs and flows, and now even more so.

Such beautiful halls can gradually become a thing of the past
Such beautiful halls can gradually become a thing of the past

The biggest cinema cost is movie rental rights. In addition to the cost of making a copy of the film, which can be several thousand dollars, they must pay deductions from each ticket sold. The terms of the contract may vary, but usually in the first week of rental the cinema pays up to half of the proceeds from the tickets, then with each week the amount of deductions becomes less.

The most expensive item in a regular movie theater is not even rent or salary, but royalties to the copyright holder, which can sometimes be half the proceeds.

Having long downtime can cause many movie theaters to simply close. An additional impact on cinemas may be a change in film studio priorities. To recoup the money it costs to make films, copyright holders start to sell them in online cinemas. There may be a situation where this will be more profitable for the studio. Films will appear online immediately on the day of the premiere. As a result, people simply stop going to the cinema, because you can buy a movie for the price of one ticket and watch it as a family as many times as you like. Compared to large televisions, soundbars, and home theaters, the prospects for streaming movies are becoming more real.

It may be that cinemas become the place for connoisseurs of movies and cease to be part of large shopping centers and subsequently, our lives. We may witness a very dramatic change in the industry, which will hit many areas of production. First of all, companies that produce films will close. There will be very few of them and the price won’t rise. As a result, the price of a movie ticket will also increase. This was the case with vinyl records at one time, but now their popularity is gradually returning.


Why the quality of Netflix and YouTube has fallen

The decline in YouTube quality against raging coronavirus is caused by Google employees, who are now sitting at home and cannot work productively with censorship. As a result, YouTube use artificial intelligence, which will be much more likely to make mistakes and ban completely normal videos. The contestation process can be dragged on for the same reason due to lack of employees.

European networks will be overloaded, so providers enlisted the support of the authorities and sent a request to Netflix and other large services. The request is for a decrease in video quality.

Netflix and other services will become more popular during quarantine
Netflix and other services will become more popular during the quarantine

Netflix has already confirmed it has agreed to meet this request and will reduce video quality, reducing the amount of transmitted traffic by 25 percent. When everyone will be sitting at home this will be a very serious saving.

The company agreed in advance to meet and take similar measures if a similar request comes from providers in other countries where Netflix provides its services.

This state of affairs will be useful to not only local providers. Given the increased load on Netflix servers, the company may experience interruptions in broadcasting. So Netflix has secured itself from increased load in advance while also showing concern for users and loyalty to providers. As a result, everyone benefits – users are unlikely to notice a significant loss in image quality.


Where to watch the latest movies

Now, to watch the latest movie, online cinemas are the best place. They will not be the same as what large movie theatres provide, but in our age of technology and people’s desire for solitude, not going to them may look logical. But, on the other hand, you can also listen to music at home with good speakers, but people continue to go to concerts and they prefer to visit sport stadiums instead of watching matches on the couch. But this is a topic for another discussion.

The fact remains that the world is changing and temporary isolation can greatly accelerate this process. If this happens, online cinemas will benefit most from this. Slightly smaller content producers, ordinary cinemas and those involved will ensure their work will continue. Let’s see what happens.

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