Why foldable smartphones aren’t so bad

Not so long ago, I wrote an article about why I don’t want to buy a folding smartphone. In it, I expressed my doubts about it. I wanted to speak separately about the advantages of technology, so as not to mix topics, especially when something has both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I want to tell you why your next smartphone should be foldable.

You can also find the previous article on our website and see the disadvantages. The negatives relate to the features of technology and small distribution.


The pros of folding smartphones

Once again, I want to pay tribute to the manufacturers who have found the courage to try something new. That such smartphones have been developed, at least, is already interesting. I want to touch on these and this is a breakthrough in the last 10 years.


The screen size of a folding smartphone

The main advantage of a folding smartphone is the screen size. Some smartphones are very small but fold into a regular format (Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola RAZR). Others fold like ordinary smartphones but when you expand them they turn almost into a tablet. These include Huawei Mate Xs and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

foldable smartphones have a large screen
foldable smartphones have a large screen

I am more interested in the second category because it gives me a big screen. It won’t be convenient to watch movies because of the square shape of the screen itself, but everything else is great for it. You can even open two applications and fully work with them. On a classic smartphone screen, that’s more fun.

In Galaxy Z Flip, the screen isn’t that big, but thanks to its shape you can put it somewhere for shooting photos or videos.


The size of folding smartphones

The second plus is based on the first. When we buy a smartphone, we want a big screen, but we don’t want a brick in our pocket. Only a folding smartphone will allow you to combine the compact size with a big screen. The device will be slightly thicker than a regular smartphone but it’s a good compromise between usability and wearability.

foldable smartphones are small
foldable smartphones are small

There’s hardly anything you can compare to a folding smartphone. Given they will also only get thinner and thinner, their prospects are becoming better. Sooner or later they will replace the devices we’re used to today.


Is it convenient to take pictures with a folding smartphone?

ASUS Zenfone 6 developers said the unfolding camera is very good. You can take selfies on the main camera, not just on the front one, so quality will be much better. We see a similar picture in the case of folding smartphones.

For example, by folding Galaxy Z Flip or Huawei Mate Xs, you can shoot on the main camera and get beautiful pictures. You can even use all cameras, not just the one. You can also control the process on an external screen.


How much does a folding smartphone cost?

In my last article, I mentioned folding smartphones are very expensive, even though they’re still inferior to classic flagships. For example, the Galaxy Z Flip is almost the Galaxy S10, but in future, these universal gadgets will make you refuse to buy a smartphone. This way, you will save money on the second device, thus difference in price will be much smaller.

A folding smartphone is expensive but given the complexity of technology, you can justify the price.


How to make a smartphone noticeable

No matter how you spin it, a folding smartphone is still exciting. If you walk down the street and “break” a smartphone in half, it will definitely attract attention. If you want to buy something sets you apart then buying the best folding smartphone is a clear winner.


Am I ready to buy a folding smartphone now?

I won’t buy one until I’m definitely ready to. I’m interested in them as a type of device, but I’m not ready to switch yet. It’s just that bending a smartphone feels really weird. It’s kind of like breaking glowing neon tubes. The light crunch and elasticity that accompanies it is not for the faint of heart. Of course, you’ll get used to it over time, but I think you’ll have to believe in the strength of this structure for a long time to come.

Folding screens have been developed for many years, but they entered the wider market less than a year ago. We already have four models in free sale. This suggests the technology will develop further and over time, so “folding boxes” have every chance to become the main smartphone. After all, not everyone believed in the first iPhone either. Let’s see how it goes, but so far I would not buy it, despite the internal interest.

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  1. Scott Ruiz says

    Сool devices, I’m thinking about buying Galaxy Fold a bit later.

  2. Jin Norman says

    They are luxurious even despite a slight crease.
    I think the following models will be really perfect!

  3. Lucas says

    Honestly, I’m much more impressed with the glass that can be bent than the ability to flip.

  4. Luna says

    The size of the screen of Z Flip is not much useful, hope later there will be different sizes with vertical and horizontal flips to choose from.

  5. Sonya says

    Thank you for sharing the details. Galaxy Z flip looks great.

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