Why I Always Leave Reviews on Google Play and Why You Should, Too

Few will agree that Google Play is significantly superior in quality and overall experience compared to the App Store. In the Play Store, everything is far easier, better and simpler for users. Perhaps this is because of the company’s approach, or maybe because Android applications are simply written in a completely different way. There’s no questioning the quality of top “must-have” applications – they are well-made and work well on the platform. Small applications are another matter, as these app creators don’t have millions of downloads and don’t run a large studio. However, of these, there are also good options to choose from. No matter how popular an app is, I always try to leave feedback. Why do I do this and advise you to do the same? Find out below.

Google Play store
Google Play store

How Does Google Play Search Work?

To begin with, I’ll talk a little about how Google Play search works. In all honesty, no-one truly knows 100% how it works, but it’s still worth talking about.

Google Play Store is similar to YouTube or just a regular online store. You enter a search term, get a list of results, and then select from that list. Naturally, the platform will try to offer you results based on what the average user likes best. User opinions are collected in the form of comments or likes, averaged, and then taken into account when creating recommendations.


Google Play and YouTube are very similar
Google Play and YouTube are very similar

At first glance, everything looks simple, but there are more complex algorithms at work. For example, an application will not get to the top of search results if it only has a few reviews – even if those reviews are all 5 out of 5.


Why Do I Leave Reviews on Apps?

It’s not difficult for me to spend a couple of minutes of my time expressing my opinion about the application I downloaded. If I liked it, I will support the developer who tried to make a good product. If I didn’t like the application, I’ll do everything in my power to prevent other users from downloading it and experiencing the same things I did. If a lot of people do this, it will make Google Play Store a much better resource for downloading apps and provides a more efficient user experience.

It’s no secret that some app developers want to make money, but they often fail to provide quality checks on what applications they’re marketing. This means that there are many applications that at best cause only a feeling of frustration. Sometimes you can even download bogus applications. However, the way Android works – with open-source software – means it’s easier for developers to launch malicious applications.

But, if we review these apps – especially the bad ones – then we will all get a better experience of using Play Store.


Why Leave Reviews?

So, now we know that the more reviews we post the better, we can now try to understand what other advantages posting reviews can bring us.

Reviews affect not only how high the application will appear in search results, but also how the developer uses reviews to improve their applications. After all, reviews are not only read by potential users before downloading, but they are also read by the developer. Based on these reviews, if the developer cares about being better at what they do and improving the app, then they might try to fix issues. They will at least make sure we do not uninstall their application.

That’s why you shouldn’t write simple reviews just saying something like “this app sucks.” The developer will not know what to fix. If you point out specific flaws, there’s a chance the application will become better.


If we make an effort, we will go to the store for good applications
If we make an effort, we will go to the store for good applications

Even if you didn’t like absolutely everything in the application, don’t be lazy. It’s better to indicate what you don’t like specifically – design, settings, or an issue such as the app crashes every 10 minutes, for example. It takes 30 seconds to write a useful review. Even for users where design is not as important as it is for you, it’s important for the developer to incorporate design into the app’s functionality.


Do Developers Check Reviews on their Applications?

If the developer is interested in their application and cares about doing well, they will definitely check the comments. This is another element of quality control of a software product. If the developer responds to reviews, this suggests they definitely care and are really trying to improve your experience in using their app.

If you saw a banner in the application such as “please give us a rating”, it would most likely annoy you. Sometimes, this is because there’s not always time to give an accurate review. But this speaks of one of two things.

First, the creator of the application wants to collect more ratings to get feedback and secondly, they want to increase ratings. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to include a banner like this, because you don’t have to give a good review if you don’t want to. If you like the app, rate it highly; if you don’t, leave an honest review. Again, providing a bad review stops other people from also potentially downloading the app and having a bad experience.

In summary, whatever you say about a review, you need to put an honest, accurate rating. Only in this way will the world of applications become much clearer and better, and allows us to see how developers improve their products.


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